About Us

“Welcome to Meenakshi Narayanan Marriage Hall”

Since 1984, Meenakshi Narayanan Marriage Hall has been the venue of choice for a wedding in Chennai, as well as banquets, birthday parties, conferences and other personal events, is customized exclusively for your needs.

Renovated in July 2018, for giving charming rustic appeal with all modern conveniences. We can personalize this flexible space for any occasion, whether classic or casual in style with seating space of 150 to 500 guests. Meenakshi Narayanan has dining, floating and car parking space. It is equipped with an inbuilt sound system to save space in the room and reduce clutter. Also, room fresheners will automatically work after everyone and half hours to keep the surrounding environment fresh from any unpleasant odour. We have a centralised air-conditioned hall, comfortable dining, modern kitchen etc. Depending on the basis of need, all the halls can be either taken alone or together, full freedom to choose halls based on the type of your event.

Meenakshi Narayanan marriage hall is located in the Choolaimedu, Chennai. It invites you to experience the spacious style and unique services at the centre of the city. We have a dedicated team of staff who love talking about your events. They will assist with you from start till the end to ensure your event is unforgettable and memorable for you and your guests.

If you would like to come and know more about Meenakshi Narayanan Marriage Hall, we would love to see you. Contact us today and one of our team members will coordinate with you in planning the event. Let us know about your event!

Four Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Friendly Team

Our experienced team understands that every wedding is unique, and have the skills and expertise to ensure your wedding & event goes off without a hitch.

Unforgettable Time

From prettiest backdrops to wondrous table decor and world-class cuisine,
we take care of every fine detail so that you can enjoy your festivities to the fullest.

Unique Scenarios

We are able to tailor the perfect experience for your unique event.
Letting you exclusive use of the property indicates
the only people you have to yield your day with your own special guests.

Perfect Venues

Why move your guests from place to place?
We can host intimate ceremonies in an incredible character-rich setting.

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